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Well, there are many websites available on Internet for DreamHost review. My main aim of making this website is not to only review DreamHost, but also offer my visitors good suggestions about whether DreamHost is for them or not. Also if this website visitor becomes customer of DreamHost, then I am here to help them. In this website, you will find many “How to” articles about DreamHost. Now let’s start the review.

Note: Review is updated on 24th May,2009.

My Requirements

I have been with DreamHost since August 2007. Before I start my review on DreamHost, let me give you some brief background on how I came to know about DreamHost. What was my requirement and how DreamHost was the perfect according to my requirement.

Making money online business is rapidly growing. Last year, in 2007, I also come to know that making money online is possible. So I started trying different things to earn money. I made blogs on blogger.com and wordpress.com. After a litter bit of experience in make money online business, I learned that if you are really serious about online business then you need to have your own domain and hosting account. You can’t rely on third party hosting accounts like blogger and wordpress.

Now I was looking for a decent hosting company. As being in the online business, I know I may need to host more than one domains and sub domains. So my first requirement was to find a hosting company which provides unlimited domains and sub domains hosting. I also needed decent hosting space and data transfer limit. Another main requirement was that I wanted all these at very cheap rate.

I Googled a little bit. DreamHost was the only hosting company which provides all of my requirements. Also DreamHost was providing discount coupons. So I searched for DreamHost coupons and found the one which offered $96 of discount on my purchasing. My DreamHost plan was of $120 and I got $96 discount. So I got one year of hosting only in $24. Humm…Not a bad deal!

DreamHost Hosting Plans

DreamHost now offers only one plan, Happy Hosting. This plan includes 500GB of disk space, 5TB of data transfer per month, unlimited users and mailboxes.

When I purchased DreamHost hosting account, there were some three different plans with different options of disk space and data transfer limit.

  1. Crazy Domain Insane
  2. Sweet Dreams
  3. Code Monster

I have Crazy Domain Insane plan which comes up with around 200GB of disk space and 4 TB of data transfer limit. This limit automatically increases week by week as long as you stay with DreamHost. Disk space increases weekly by 2 GB and bandwidth transfer limit increases weekly by 40GB.

DreamHost Reliability & Support

DreamHost provides support in three different method. First is through wiki. DreamHost has their wiki. If you have any problem, you can just go to wiki and find out the solution of your problem. If you find a solution, you are lucky and no need to go further for support.

Second support is through forum. You can put a question in forum if it’s not urgent. DreamHost representative and other DreamHost customers will be ready to help you. They will give you a solution.

After looking in to wiki and forum, if you still can’t find the solution of your problem then you can contact DreamHost support team using panel. You can even contact support team without looking in to the wiki or forum. But I will highly recommend that you check at least wiki first. If solution is included in wiki then no need to wait for support response. After contacting support, you will get a response within 24 hours. In most of the cases, it takes less than 10 hours to get response from DreamHost support team.

So now let’s talk about reliability. Well, in servers problem comes times to time. I personally don’t have any complaint about that. I am Linux System Admin. So I can understand that downtime is unavoidable. I am happy with the uptime DreamHost provides.

Of course, DreamHost is very reliable because they know immediately if something goes wrong. Good thing about DreamHost is that they have status website. This site is hosted outside their network. So even if their complete network goes down, you will get the status update at DreamHost status website. DreamHost people always learn from the past mistakes. As soon as something goes wrong, they immediately put the status of the problem and affected servers’ list on the status site. So if you find your server down, just check the status site. You will get up to date information there.

There are few people who are not happy with DreamHost. I don’t blame them. As I said, problems do comes and if you are unlucky enough then more problems will start after your joining only. :)

I will say only one thing that I am happy with DreamHost and currently I have 9 domains and many sub domains (like this one) hosted on DreamHost.

Update: 24th May, 2009

Many things have been changed in DreamHost since the time I have joined it. My account is now upgraded to unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. They now provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space to all their customers.

At the time I joined DreamHost, I didn’t have any plan for using it for paid traffic. Now I do PPC(Pay Per Click) marketing too. I started PPC marketing 6 months back. All people in the industry says that if you want to do PPC marketing then you should have dedicated server hosting if not then at least you should have VPS hosting.

Dedicated server hosting costs around $100/month and VPS costs around $50/Month. When you are starting out in marketing industry, you can’t really afford $100/month or even $50/month just for hosting. That was the exact my case and so I decided to continue with DreamHost shared hosting, which I already had.

I have to admit that my decision to do PPC marketing on DreamHost shared hosting was right. From the past 3 months, I have got 100% uptime. I am currently sending around 2000 unique visitors/day to my sites through PPC.

Whether you want to host your personal site or your business sites, DreamHost is really a smart choice. DreamHost really hosts your dreams!

If you also want to purchase DreamHost service and become a happy customer, check out our DreamHost Coupon page. You will find discount coupons there.

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