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Dedicated Hosting


What is Dedicated Hosting? Dedicated hosting is a hosting solution where the client leases or rents the server and the hosting services associated with it. It is called dedicated in a sense that – unlike other hosting solutions where a number of websites gets to share the resources of a single server – the client […]

VPS Hosting


What do I need to know about Virtual Private Servers? A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a hosting solution that comes as a sort of marriage between shared hosting solution and dedicated server hosting solution. Why? It is because, like all shared hosting solutions, a VPS allows a number of websites to reside and […]

Shared Hosting


What do I need to understand about shared hosting? A shared hosting service is a hosting option where a number of websites are hosted within a single server. This means that the resources such as the bandwidth, disk space and the RAM of a single server are to be shared by the number of websites […]