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This review is written based on my 7 years experience with LunarPages. LunarPages change their promotions and coupon codes very frequently making it very hard to inform you on the newest offer. However, their offer is always highlighted in their homepage.

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Homepage :
Plan name : Basic Plan
12 month plan : $8.95/month
24 month plan : $6.95/month
60 month plan : $4.95/month
Disk Space : Unlimited!
Bandwidth : Unlimited!
Websites : Unlimited!

What hosting plans are they offering?

As a full service hosting providers, they provide many types of hosting solutions including Unix hosting, Windows hosting, VPS hosting, semi dedicated servers, dedicated servers, etc. But you don’t need to confuse about all of them. Because what 99% of us will need is the Basic Plan.

Pricing varied according to the contract length, i.e. $8.95/month for 12-month plan, $6.95/month for 24-month plan and the new $4.95/month for the 60-month plan. The pricing is slightly more expensive than the competitors but their quality is a few times better than them. So it will pay off.

What about the Business Plan? The existence of this plan is actually a joke! It is there already 6 years ago when I first started hosting with LunarPages. It is useful by then because it is noticeable larger than the Basic plan and when the basic plan only comes with 100 MB of disk space. But the problem is that they keep on upgrading their Basic plan for the last few years until it is so LARGE that they can’t make the Business plan any larger than it. Tell me, how do you make something larger than UNLIMITED?

The price is also very ridiculous. $21.95 for the same thing?! It does include a free dedicated IP but you can get that too in Basic plan for just $1/month! I believe everyone will find its existence ridiculous but the question is why it is still there? I believe that is because some fools who sign up for that plan 6 years ago is still paying $21.95 for it because they are lazy to downgrade to the basic plan. 😀

LunarPages Stater Plan is not recommended because it offer only 1 MySQL database.

How large is UNLIMITED disk space and UNLIMITED bandwith?

This is an interesting question. I used to write very detail explanation of disk space and bandwidth here and how you can calculate the usage yourself. But how should I explain UNLIMITED?! Before they upgrade to unlimited, they are offering 1,500 GB disk space and 15,000 GB disk space. Those were the last figures before it is converted to unlimited. Why not just used those number for explanation?

saguaro2Click on the small picture to view the original wallpaper of Saguaro National Park, Arizona. The size of the large and high quality picture is 228 KB (kilobytes). With 1,500 GB of disk space, you can store more than 6.5 million copies of this picture! And with 15,000 GB/month bandwidth, this picture can be viewed more than 65,700,000 times a month (That’s 65.7 million)! The most suitable words to describe 1,500 GB of disk space and 15,000 GB of bandwidth are “More Than Enough!”. :)

There are many web hosts that offer large disk space and bandwidth, but keep in mind that these web hosts might have funny restrictions such as file size limit, daily bandwidth limit, or even binary files bandwidth limit (pictures, MP3s, Flash …). LunarPages does not have such restrictions with your disk space and bandwidth usage. You can upload a single 1,500 GB file if you want and you can use 15,000 GB bandwidth in 1 day. As LunarPages founder and CEO, Ron Riddle told me, “We actually allow people to use everything and we have no problem offering them what we are currently offering.”

How is the customer support?

It is not the large disk space or bandwidth that make me rank LunarPages so high but its superior customer support! They spend a great deal of money hiring a lot of support staff to take care of their customers. All of them are very friendly and knowledgeable. With their effort on customer support, you can expect the best attention from them.

1. Email support – Simply email and you will always get a good reply, no matter if you are a current customer or you just need to ask some presale questions. Good replies are replies with the exact answer you need. I suggest that you send them an email right now to see how effective they are. All email will automatically be tracked by the same ticket system used by the support help desk. This is my favorite method to request support, because it is fast, convenient and effective. Email support is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

2. Support Help Desk (LunarDesk) – You will send your inquiry through the use of an online form. All your inquires will be tracked and recorded using their ticket system. They even keep a history of all your issues so you can refer back to them anytime you want. There is also a knowledgebase of frequently asked questions in the help desk so you can find your answers without creating a support ticket.

They used to be using a third party support help desk system known as DeskPro. But because they are so rich customer oriented, they decided to dump DeskPro and develope their own help desk system and call it LunarDesk!

3. Toll-Free Support – Just call 1-877-LUNARPAGES if you need phone support for USA and Canada. For the United Kingdom, call 0800-072-9150 instead. If you live outside of these countries, you cannot dial the toll free number. They provide another support line for their international customers: 1-714-521-8150. I have called them several times and they have no problem talking to me with my slang.

4. Lunar Forums ( LunarPages provides forums to let their customers communicate and help each other. You can find many answers for your questions. You will also meet many happy customers there. Remember only hosts that are confident with their services and have many customers dare to set up an open forum. Currently, the forum has around 35,670 registered users. And LunarForums is also one of the oldest webmaster forums out there.

I will surely rate their customer support as 10 over 10, or 11 over 10 if I can :-) Their customer satisfaction speaks for itself. I always stress to my visitors who write to me that if they are web hosting newbie who need a lot of attentions and supports, they should always pick LunarPages. This will make sure that they are fully taken care of in their “early age”.

If you have read my reviews or other web hosts, you will notice that I will state that if you have any unresolved issues with the host, you can always forward them to me and I will take them directly to the officers. Even though I have direct contact with many important officers of LunarPages (even the CEO), I never mention it in my LunarPages review. I don’t need to do so because all LunarPages clients are able to resolve the issue directly with the dedicated support staffs without going through a third party like me.

Sometime ago, I have submitted a possible SPAM issue to them. To my surprise, not only that they reply to my email but they have also called me and left me a voice message! You can click on the ‘Play’ button below to listen to the voice message yourself. They did look into SPAM issues seriously to make sure the mail server is not blocked. They are constantly making sure that all their customers emails will be sent and received properly.

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