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Livedrive is an online backup service with two unlimited backup plans to choose from, both of which can be customized and fine-tuned to work best for your setup.

You might not have heard much about Livedrive but they’ve has been in business since 2009 and have over 1 million customers.

If Livedrive seems like something you may be interested in, keep reading for more details on the plans it offers, the features you’ll be able to take advantage of, and my thoughts on how it worked for me.

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Livedrive Plans & Costs

Valid March 2016

Livedrive offers two unlimited backup plans that each can be purchased in one of three ways, with a discount applied if you buy a full 2 years of the service at once:

Livedrive Backup

This is the least expensive plan you can buy from Livedrive.

It offers an unlimited amount of space to back up as many files as you’d like from one computer.

These are the price options for Livedrive Backup: Month to Month: $8 /month; 1 Year: $84 ($7 /month).

More computers can be added for an additional $1.50 /month, each.

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Livedrive Pro Suite

Livedrive Pro Suite also supports an unlimited amount backup space, but it lets you backup up to 5 computers instead of just one.

Here are the different purchase options you have if you buy Livedrive Pro Suite: Month to Month: $25 /month; 1 Year: $240 ($20 /month).

Just like with the Backup plan, you can add additional computers for $1.50 /month.

Livedrive Features

Files you backup with Livedrive will immediately begin uploading to your online account with unlimited space to hold it all, which is exactly how a backup service should be.

Here are more features you can find in Livedrive’s plans:

File Size Limits No, but Briefcase web uploads are limited to 2 GB
File Type Restrictions Yes
Fair Use Limits No
Bandwidth Throttling No
Operating System Support Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP; Max OS X
Native 64-bit Software No
Mobile Apps iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
File Access Web app, desktop software, and mobile apps
Transfer Encryption 256-bit AES
Storage Encryption 256-bit AES
Private Encryption Key No
File Versioning Limited, 30 days
Mirror Image Backup No
Backup Levels Folder
Backup From Mapped Drive Yes
Backup From External Drive Yes
Backup Frequency Continuous, hourly, and between certain hours only
Idle Backup Option No
Bandwidth Control Yes
Offline Backup Option(s) No
Offline Restore Option(s) No
Local Backup Option(s) No
Locked/Open File Support No
Backup Set Option(s) No
Integrated Player/Viewer Yes, on web & mobile, but only supports some files
File Sharing Yes, but only through the Briefcase plan
Multi-Device Syncing Yes, but only through the Briefcase plan
Backup Status Alerts No
Data Center Locations Europe
Support Options Email and self-support

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